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    • JHQ Monitoring Heat Exchanger
    • JHQ Monitoring Heat Exchanger
    • JHQ Monitoring Heat Exchanger
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Monitoring water quality by heat exchangers as below:

(1)The on-site management of circulating water treatment can be evidence-based and well documented

(2)To provide reliable basis for water quality stabilizers with actual requirement.

(3)Quickly discover the abnormity and win valuable time for timely handling.

(4)Through the follow-up water quality management software to analyze and deal with the relevant water quality parameters, reduce the work intensity of laboratory departments, improve the accuracy of analysis; perfect historical database for inquiry, provide a reliable reference for future water quality formula modification.

JHQ monitoring heat exchanger of our company is divided into three types: JHQ-Z intelligent monitoring heat exchanger (electric heating/steam type), JHQ-S manual monitoring heat exchanger, JHQ-G hanging plate, in which JHQ-Z series intelligent monitoring heat exchanger is the main product.

JHQ-Z Series Intelligent Monitor Heat Exchanger is equipped with heat exchanger main body, inlet hanger, outlet hanger, corrosion rate monitor, pH tester, conductivity tester, dirt resistance tester, field control cabinet, etc. It has complete functions, convenient installation and use, stable and reliable performance and accurate data. Also, it can accurately monitor the circulating cooling water treatment process and comprehensively evaluate the corrosion and scaling of the cooling water system, which has been praised by many customers.

Main monitoring parameters:

Inlet temperature and outlet temperature , steam temperature, flow rate , PH value , conductivity , turbidity, residual chlorine, ORP , fouling resistance, fouling sedimentation rate, corrosion rate, point corrosion trend analysis, concentration multiple, biological slime content, etc.


The system has functions of data acquisition, processing, output and so on;

Automatic on-line detection of fouling resistance, fouling settling rate, concentration ratio and corrosion rate;

Historical data query and trend function, which can query data in any time period;

Password protection, good security;

Historical curve and real-time curve reflect the changes of system parameters dynamically;

Multiple alarm functions;

Report output and print functions are complete;

The software expansion function is strong, and it can be connected with several intelligent monitoring heat exchangers of the same type at the same time;

It can output 4 ~ 20mA signal to DCS/FCS system at the same time;

The test period can be determined according to the test requirements.

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