Concrete Structure Cooling Tower

Steel structure cooling tower

Water treatment equipment

Filter Dosing device


Cold zone tower components
Product Business
  Company strength
The company has a long history and rich experience in producing cooling towers, filters and FRP parts.
  Core Technology
We have many production lines,
such as FRP, Filling, Drift
Eliminator, sprinkler, etc.
Complete configuration, product performance monitoring to ensure product quality and performance.
  Widely applicable
In the past 20 years, our company has undertaken a large number of water treatment projects in various...
Jiangsu Shuanghui Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Company), jointly established 1968 by Wujin Fiber Reinforced Plastic Factory, Chanzhou Cooling Tower Factory, Wujin Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd, Changzhou Wuijn Refrigeration Co., Ltd. Changzhou Shuanghui Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. Company is a scientific-oriented economy body integrating with scientific research, designing, manufacturing, installation and service maintenance. Its business involves such Shuanghui Brand of products as cooling tower, water-treatment equipment and water stabilizer series products etc.
  • ISO9001
  • IS014001
  • OHSMS18001
  • Qualification honor
  • High-tech enterprises
  • CTI Member unit
  • EU CE certificate
  • Qualification honor
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