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Jiangsu Shuanghui Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Company), jointly established 1968 by Wujin Fiber Reinforced Plastic Factory, Chanzhou Cooling Tower Factory, Wujin Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd, Changzhou Wuijn Refrigeration Co., Ltd. Changzhou Shuanghui Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. Company is a scientific-oriented economy body integrating with scientific research, designing, manufacturing, installation and service maintenance. Its business involves such Shuanghui Brand of products as cooling tower, water-treatment equipment and water stabilizer series products etc.

The annual turnover in recent years has been more than 100 million yuan. The cooling tower of Shuanghui Brand come out at the top in the same industry, and awarded the state silver prize in 1990, in addition large-scale cross flow and counter flow concrete structure mechanical draft cooling tower have passed through the appraisal of high technology product. Large-scale cooling tower of has came to international market for many times, and exported to Southeast Asia. Thousands of large-scale steel structure, concrete structure cooling towers, nature ventilation towers have launched into market for Petrochemical, Petroleum, Power, Metallurgy, Medicine and Rubber Industry etc. Company has evaluated as Science Research Company in Changzhou, been as the company of "Appreciate Contract, Keep Faith" for continuous 10 years, obtained "AAA" grade certificate by Jiangsu International Evaluation Company, passed through ISO9001Quality System in 1998, commented as the company exempted from inspection by Jiangsu Industrial and Commercial Bureau continuously, and received as the company of the first supply network membership by Sino-petrochemical, Sino-petroleum Group, and we are also the membership of China Fiber Reinforced Glass Industry Organization. We will run true to form in future development, and meet for the requirements of customers as precise "Design, Development, Fabrication, Installation and Service for Products" quality guarantee pattern.

Shuanghui Company, as one of the earliest cooling tower manufacturer in domestic began to manufacture all kinds of FRP cooling tower at the beginning of 1970. Now Shuanghui Company owns certain scope after hard work and development more than 20 years, and gets trust and good appraisal from customers. FRP cooling tower manufactured by our company in particular keep ahead and have passed through the three checks of heat fabrication, energy consumption, noise in the same industry after continuous improvement, and got good honor in all industries in domestic.

Shuanghui Company has cooperated with some research colleges and design colleges in domestic, formed strong science research and manufacture network, and developed high efficient, high quality, new style products constantly, in addition we have gotten many state patents.

The circulating water purification "GZT Fabric Filter of Self-regulation Density" which is researched by Shuanghui Company has obtained state patent (Patent NO.: ZL92229996X). This kind of filter has characteristics of advanced principle, smart structure, stable running, easy operation, special filter structure, good filter result, and this device is applied in filtering before salt water removing, water softening, circulating water, and water for life and pollution water.

Middle (high) Speed Filter, Gravity Valve-free Filter, Pressure Filter, Automatic Filter, All-in-one Water Purification Device, Monitoring Heat Exchanger, Chlorine and Chemical Dosing Device which are produced by our company have abundant product experience for some decades. HLSF series high speed filter of our company has characteristics such as high speed filtering, great water treatment capacity, small occupied area etc, it has applied in petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power and machine trades. As the requirement of wide use and high fabrication process, and meet the need for customers, we made some changes, and receive praise of customers. In addition, we have developed and researched a new model valve-free-filter (proprietary technology) on the basis of former valve-free-filter, and taken a good example in domestic.

In addition our company is responsible for industry waste water treatment project, and our company has advanced testing technology, experiment method, design ability and manufacture capacity, and has total service for industry waste water treatment project.

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