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    • ZJS-II Integrated Automatic Control Water Purifier
    • ZJS-II Integrated Automatic Control Water Purifier
    • ZJS-II Integrated Automatic Control Water Purifier
    • ZJS-II Integrated Automatic Control Water Purifier
    • ZJS-II Integrated Automatic Control Water Purifier
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ZJS-II integrated automatic control water purifier (patent No. ZL 2010 02 0190637.9) is a series of automatic equipment for flocculation, sedimentation, sludge collection, sludge discharge, water collection, distribution, filtration, backwashing, sewage discharge, etc. which is newly developed by our company.


2.Principle and Structure Brief

The equipment consists of reaction zone, precipitation area and filter zone. The flocculation part adopts the multi-tube uniform distribution mode, and the reaction form boils down to the advantages of other reaction modes, so the flocculation effect is good. The sedimentation zone is arranged by staggered layers of 50 inclined pipe and 35 inclined pipe. The characteristics of sludge circulation separation and sludge contact filtration are adopted. The hydraulic clarification process of suspension contact filtration separation is adopted to accelerate the sedimentation rate and improve the sedimentation effect.

The sludge is discharged separately by collecting large area of sludge. The sludge discharging speed is fast, the residence time is short, and the impact load is high.



 The water purification device itself has achieved full automatic operation from a series of operation procedures, such as reaction, flocculation, sedimentation, water collection, water distribution, filtration, internal backwashing, sludge discharge, etc.

 The high concentration flocculation layer can make the impurity particles in the raw water collide with each other sufficiently, and the adsorption probability increases. Therefore, it can adapt to the water temperature and turbidity of various raw water, and the removal rate of impurity particles is high.

 Adjustable automatic sludge discharge system can ensure the timely removal of excess sludge, thereby ensuring a stable removal rate of impurities particles.

 High efficiency flocculation and sedimentation result in good quality of sediment effluent.

 The automation of the water purification system ensures the efficient filtration of the water purification system (when the turbidity of raw water is more than 3000 mg/L, the turbidity of filtered water can be maintained at less than 3 mg/L), and the automatic backwash can be realized without additional backwash pumps and other electrical equipment.

 It covers a small area and can save more than 50% of the total area compared with other water purification structures. The height is about 4.2m. It can be installed indoors and outdoors.

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