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    • Fully Automatic Dosing Device(JB JZ JY)
    • Fully Automatic Dosing Device(JB JZ JY)
    • Fully Automatic Dosing Device(JB JZ JY)
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The automatic dosing device produced by our company integrates the functions of filtering, dosing, stirring and dosing of water supply. It is an ideal device for automatic dosing of water quality treatment chemicals by pumping the water quality monitoring signal back into the appropriate dosing liquid, thus accurately measuring and adding various kinds of water treatment chemicals to ensure the stable operation of the circulating water system. Prepare. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small floor area, corrosion resistance, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption and low price, and is a stable and adaptable agent dosing device. According to the additives used for corrosion inhibition, scale inhibition, bactericide and algae killing, they are divided into: JB, JZ, JY, etc. It is composed of diluting cylinder, stirring device, metering pump, frame, turning plate level gauge and electric cabinet. The dilution cylinder can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel. The stirring device is composed of motor, frame, stainless steel stirring shaft and three-blade impeller. The metering pump is made of imported products.

A stirrer is arranged in the storage tank, and a magnetic turnover board level indicator is installed on the side wall. At the same time, the tank is equipped with liquid level switch and interlock with the dosing pump to realize low liquid level shutdown and high and low liquid level alarm.

Because of the high degree of automation, low energy consumption, no manual guard, greatly reducing the cost of operation, maintenance and personnel training, it is widely used in circulating cooling water, reclaimed water reuse, feed water pretreatment, waste water treatment and other processes.

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