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    • SHM (G) F Automatic High-speed Shallow Sand Filter
    • SHM (G) F Automatic High-speed Shallow Sand Filter
    • SHM (G) F Automatic High-speed Shallow Sand Filter
    • SHM (G) F Automatic High-speed Shallow Sand Filter
    • SHM (G) F Automatic High-speed Shallow Sand Filter
    • SHM (G) F Automatic High-speed Shallow Sand Filter
Product Details

1. Introduction

SHM (G) F automatic high-speed shallow sand filter adopts a unique concept of shallow sand high-speed filtration technology, the multi-layer pipe cap type of water collection structure at the bottom. It can ensure that the water flow is smooth and the filtering effect is good. Inner circulation is formed during backwashing, and backwashing efficiency is high. Compared with the traditional sand filter, it has the advantages of automatic filtration, automatic backwashing, less filter material, less backwashing water consumption and so on. It is mainly used for filtration of circulating water, feedwater and waste water in industry. Multimedia filtration system of shallow sand filter can effectively remove particulate matter and reduce turbidity by using deep media. If a specific filter material, such as activated carbon, zeolite, etc., could be used, which will also be adsorbed to remove the corresponding organic matter, ions and so on. The fluidizing device (bottom drainage device) in the system can fluidize the filter medium, remove the pollutants intercepted in the medium, and discharge them.

2. Characteristics

 Carefully selected homogeneous filter media, high filtration efficiency, according to market requirement, many types of filter media could be chosen;

 Expoxy paint should be painted inside and outside,which could resist the pressure of environment, prevent brittle cracking and not be invaded by chemical substances; 

 The lateral pipe of distribution laid in round is simple, uniform and reliable;

 70cm depth adjustable homogeneous filter material ensures filtration effect;

 SS304 screen tube collector with advantage of uniform, high strength, small gap is used. Sieve tube wedge 0.15-0.3mm. No sand leakage. The service life is more than 20 years;

 There is a backing layer in filter, and at the top,there is a single filter media.

Area is small:SHM(G)F-3000 type is 3000mm,the water flowrate is 200200m3/h

Good performance:The equipment will be tested before shipment in totally,performance is good

Easy installation:At jobsite,the worker only need to connect the inlet/outlet/drain pipe,do not need to other work

Advance control technology:Fully automatic controlling system with high quality pneumatic valve or electric valve make the controlling intelligently and accurately

High efficiency of Backwash and water consumption less:The principle of backwash and surface scrubbing is applied by using homogeneous filter media, which prolong the backwash cycle, high efficiency, short backwash time, good effect and low backwash water consumption (backwash water consumption ratio is 0.8% ~ 1.5%) ,it is conforming to the concept of water-saving products;

Backwash:Advanced collector ensures stable and efficient backwash effect.

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