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1. Introduction

GJA mechanical filter is suitable for the removal of adhesive particles by precipitation and other methods for the agglomeration of suspended substances in water. It can pass water through the filter layer installed in the mechanical filter to make the water transparent. After filtration, the turbidity of effluent is about 5-10NTU. When there are more suspended substances in raw water, the quality of effluent can be ensured. It has the advantages of high filtration accuracy, large water treatment capacity and small floor area.

2. Principle

During filtration, the filtered water flows into the mechanical filter, and the filtered water passes through the quartz sand filter. The filtered water cap flows into the outlet pipe to the clear water tank. During the filtration process, the filter layer continuously intercepts suspended solids, resulting in gradually increasing resistance. When the pressure difference between the inlet pressure gauge and the outlet pressure gauge is 0.05 Mpa, the filtered water should be backwashed and return to normal filtration.

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