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    • SH Chlorine Dioxide Generator
    • SH Chlorine Dioxide Generator
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Chemical chlorine dioxide generator adopts the principle of chemical reaction, that is, sodium chloride solution and hydrochloric acid are quantitatively transported to the reaction system under negative pressure, and the mixture gas of chlorine dioxide and chlorine gas is produced by negative pressure aeration reaction at a certain temperature, and then absorbed by absorption device to form a certain concentration of dioxide. Chlorinated mixed disinfectant, then pass into the treated water.

The equipment can be used for sewage treatment, reuse of reclaimed water, disinfection and sterilization of circulating water treatment system to prevent microbial growth and avoid sludge production in the pipeline. According to the residual chlorine detected after adding chlorine, the equipment will automatically adjust the dosage of metering pump by signal feedback, so as to achieve the purpose of adding chlorine dioxide at the right amount all the time, avoid excessive and deficient chlorine dioxide, achieve full automatic and stable operation, economic and efficient.


High reaction efficiency:

The optimum concentration of the reactant used in the equipment makes chlorine dioxide in the product account for more than 65% of the active ingredients, which is superior to the electrolytic salt water method.

High safety performance:

The raw materials used are conventional chemicals without chlorine gas. Chlorine dioxide is directly added to the process system. It runs under negative pressure, does not need to be stored and has good safety.

High sterilization efficiency:

Chlorine dioxide is internationally recognized as a safe, non-toxic green disinfectant. It has a broad spectrum, high efficiency and rapid disinfection effect. It can kill all bacterial propagators and many pathogenic bacteria at 0.1 ppm. 50 ppm can completely kill bacterial propagators, hepatitis virus, phages and bacterial spores.

It is little affected by temperature and ammonia, and has a wide range of pH application: it can basically keep the same bactericidal efficacy at low temperature and high temperature, and maintain a high bactericidal efficiency in the pH range of 2-10, and has a sustained bacteriostatic effect.

Chlorine dioxide is safe, non-toxic, non-residual, non-stimulating to the human body: no chlorination reaction with organic substances, no trigenic substances and other toxic substances; below 500 ppm, its impact on the human body can be neglected, 100 ppm below no impact on the human body.

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