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BJ Series Fiber Ball High Efficiency Filter is a kind of fibre ball which is made up of fiber filament. It is different from traditional rigid granular filter media (such as quartz sand and activated carbon). It has a great specific surface area and porosity. When filtering, the pore is compressible because the filter material is flexible and the pore is compressible. Heavy, the filter layer gap along the direction of water flow gradually smaller, forming an ideal state of loose up and dense down, so that the fiber ball filter has high filtration speed, large capacity of pollution interception, high efficiency, compact equipment, small footprint, reasonable structure, simple operation, reliable operation characteristics. Widely used in: oilfield water injection, chemical solution filtration, electronic pure water equipment, industrial water pretreatment, air conditioning circulating cooling water, swimming pool circulating water and other fields.

BJ series fiber ball high efficiency filter is made of polyester fiber (polyester fiber) as raw material into spherical shape. The filter material is mainly flexible, elastic and variable filter layer gap. Because of the weight of the filter material itself, the direction of water flow and other aspects of the role of the whole filter layer is loosened in the upper layer, dense in the lower layer. In the initial stage of filtration, the upper filter media first adsorbs and intercepts suspended particles in the water. As the filtration time goes on, the amount of pollutant intercepted by the filter layer gradually increases, the head loss increases, the weight of the lower filter media gradually increases, and the fiber ball filter layer is further compressed, so as to extend the filtration time, it can be fully used. Give play to the contamination interception ability of the lower filter media, not only can ensure the working cycle, but also can ensure that the filter layer is not penetrated, thus ensuring the effluent effect.

2. Fiber ball property parameters


Moisture absorption rate

Relative humidity


Thermal performance

Sunlight resistance

Acid resistance

Alkali resistance

abrasive resistance

Microorganism resistance

4-6 grams/denier Twice as high as cotton and three times higher than wool

0.4-0.5%  20℃  RH65%



softening point 238-240℃ 

melting point 255-260℃


35%hydrochloric acid, 75%sulphuric acid, 65%nitric acid has no effect on strength

10%sodium hydroxide      28%NH3
    No effect on strength


No moldy and no moth

Material:Polyester fiber                                              Weight:1.38g/cm3

Diamtere:2denier                                                       Media weight:0.6g/pc

Media diameter:φ30mm                                               Apperance:ball type

Voidage:96%                                                       surface area:3000m2/m3media

3. characteristic

1.Filtration speed:30-35m/h,3-4 times the speed of quartz sand filter.

2.Low Resistance and energy saving

3.Good Performance

4.Equipment is small. Compared with the quartz sand filter with the same amount of water filtration, the volume of the quartz sand filter is about 1/3 times that of the quartz sand filter.

5.Better interception capacity

6.Simple operation, convenient maintenance and reliable operation

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