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    • FD-2 Antifreeze Full Automatic Steel Filter
    • FD-2 Antifreeze Full Automatic Steel Filter
    • FD-2 Antifreeze Full Automatic Steel Filter
Product Details

1. Introduction

 FD-2 Antifreeze Full Automatic Steel Filter (Patent No. ZL 2010 0172430.3 ZL 2016 22 0893344.4) is the latest research and design for outdoor use in cold areas, it is a set of anti-freeze, metering, water saving and self-control in one gravity filter. The filter adopts the design parameters of the original gravity valveless filter and simplifies and optimizes its structure. Compared with other types of filter equipment, it is compact and reasonable in structure, simple and practical in operation, fast in installation, safe and reliable, and convenient in management, especially in outdoor operation without heat preservation and tracing and automatic completion by using its own water source. The unique advantages of backwashing and water saving are well received by users.

2. Principle

The antifreeze filter is based on the technology of gravity valveless filter, and the process control mode is further improved. Electrical instruments are used to replace the operation mode of hydraulic control filter, thus eliminating the siphon auxiliary system and damage system of the filter.

Energy-saving filter operation can be divided into two simultaneous or a single control mode, one can be based on the operation time of the filter.

Control the filter operation cycle; Second, according to the filter resistance (pressure) control filter operation cycle, are concentrated in the PLC control center, but also on-site manual control. Through the improvement of control mode, the problems of siphon auxiliary system and water seal well in winter outdoor operation of filter are solved fundamentally. At the same time, the drawbacks of the filter which carries water into the sewage during backwashing are solved.

3. Application

This filter is suitable for the purification of industrial water contaminated in the process of recycling. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries, especially suitable for outdoor cooling tower bypass treatment and water purification station filtration.

Site environmental temperature is allowed - 25 ~35 C, the site must be 380V50HZ three-phase four-wire power supply, water supply pipeline with 0.1Mpa above the positive pressure, near a good drainage system.

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