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    • JS Type Acid Adding Device
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In order to adapt to the pH range of the added reagents or to increase the solubility of the salts, it is necessary to add acid (usually sulfuric acid) to adjust the pH value of the circulating water and to reduce the pH value of the circulating water to about 6.0-7.0 if the condition is acidic, so that the carbonate can be converted into high soluble sulfate. While scaling, high concentration of corrosion inhibitor is added to prevent corrosion. For this reason, our company has developed JS type acid adding device, through automatic acid adding to ensure the stable operation of the circulating water system.

The JS type acid adding device mainly includes acid storage system, metering dosing system, safety system and control system. The unloading pump transfers the concentrated sulfuric acid from the tank truck to the sulfuric acid tank, and the metering pump feeds the concentrated sulfuric acid from the sulfuric acid tank to the dosing point by the feedback control of the PH value data of the circulating feed water.

The JS type acidizing unit is widely used in the process of circulating cooling water, reclaimed water reuse, feed water pretreatment, waste water treatment and so on, because of its high degree of automation, low energy consumption and no need for manual supervision, thus greatly reducing the cost of operation, maintenance and personnel training.

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