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    • HLSF Medium-speed Filter
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HLSF medium-speed filter (patent No. ZL 2010 0190643.4) is mainly used to remove particulate suspended solids, solids, filters and oils that can form adsorption precipitation in water, it could be provide industrial and domestic water for various purposes.Medium-speed filter belongs to pressure filter. Raw water enters the equipment by pressure and is absorbed and intercepted by filter material to remove suspended solids.


 Double-layer filter media is used to improve the ability of intercepting pollutants and operation cycle, reduce head loss and ensure the quality of effluent.

 It adopts air water mixing scrubbing to reduce backwash strength, save water and ensure the completeness of backwash.

 The backwash is controlled by differential of pressure and time, which ensure backwash in time.

 No backflushing facilities are available, and the working head is low (0.06MPa).

 The equipment is made of carbon steel (or according to user requirements), with strict anticorrosion, high machining accuracy and convenient installation.

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