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    • NBZF FRP Structure Counter-flow Cooling Tower
Product Details

1. Product Description

The model NBZF FRP structure counter-flow cooling tower is our company through many years of design, manufacture experience of FRP structure cooling tower, set the latest technology of cooling tower industry at home and abroad as one of the products developed.

Through the operation of this type cooling tower, its structure is advanced; its all performance indexes could meet or exceed CTI standard and codes. Our NBZF FRP structure counter flow cooling tower was widely applied in the water recycling systems of Petrochemical, power, metallurgy and machinery industries because of the advanced performance and good quality.

2. Structure Type

The FRP structure is used for the cooling tower frame structure. The structure including enclosure casing, fan deck and partitions shall be of FRP structure.The uniformity of water distribution and the lower resistance of air are adequately considered while designing of the cross-section of beam and column to assure the strength and stability of tower.

3. Design Feature

Compact Structure: cooling tower cells in a row without any clearance, covering smaller space;

Safe Access: Towers are equipped with one stairway at one end so as to assure the convenience for normal maintenance of the cooling tower;

Clean Appearance: A special water-discharge design on the fan deck, instead of free drainage design, is applied to discharge the rainfall so as to prevent the exterior wall from dirty and to keep the surface wall clean;

Harmonious Color of Construction: The appearance color of cooling tower harmonizes with surrounding environment and equipment. The specified color by owner is available;





飞轴限位装置 细节图 细节图3 细节图2




走道格栅细节图 C型钢迥转型动能回收型风筒

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