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    • NG large steel structure cooling tower
    • NG large steel structure cooling tower
    • NG large steel structure cooling tower
    • NG large steel structure cooling tower
Product Details

1. Product Description

Our company NG large steel structure counter flow cooling tower.The tower body components that have been tested and have been adopted with superior performance, and all the performance indexes have reached or exceeded the provisions of the national standard "large glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower" GB7190.2-2008, which are widely used in industrial circulating water systems of petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power and machinery industries.

2.Technical Feature

Cooling Tower Type

NG large steel structure counter-flow cooling tower adopts rigid truss system in the structure, which not only has good overall stiffness, but also makes the structure bear more reasonable force, and can effectively bear the concentrated load, asymmetrical load, seismic force and strong wind load, so as to effectively reduce the cooling tower vibration.


NG large steel structure counter-flow cooling tower has stable performance and high thermal efficiency, which fully meets the requirement of water cooling in industrial circulating water system.


The counter-flow cooling tower of NG large steel structure adopts the aluminum alloy axial flow fan specially designed for cooling tower, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, high flow rate, appropriate wind pressure and ideal aerodynamic performance.

 High efficiency arced drift eliminator with resistance tendon

Our company adopts the imported modifier to extrude the PVC high-efficiency and low-resistance sine-wave arc drift eliminator, which has high water collecting efficiency, small air resistance, high strength, no deformation, convenient installation and maintenance, long service life and good flame retardancy.

 Water Distribution System

Water distribution adopts pipe water distribution system, through the design of three-splash low-pressure nozzle sprinkling water, which has high adaptability to hydraulic load and high safety and reliability.


Our company's PVC trapezoidal wave film filler flat sheet is produced by roller flat sheet machine, and the filling sheet is formed by the most advanced vacuum plastic suction process in China, with high heat dissipation coefficient and long life of temperature difference change.

FRP Parts

NG large steel structure counter-flow cooling tower casing is made of GFRP material with uniform surface material and uniform color,long - term use does not fade, crack.

 Efficient and low resistance optimization design

      This series cooling tower is the result of our company's continuous learning of the same type of cooling tower design experience in the decades of production practice. It has been constantly improved through technological improvement and a large number of precious practical production installation and operation opportunities.

In the design, there is a certain margin for the value of the thermal characteristics of the filling, the air volume of the fan and the power of the motor used in the matching. The adaptive design can be carried out according to the actual situation on the site, which fully ensures the normal use of the product under adverse weather conditions and impact loads.


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