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    • SHBN Counter-flow Closed Cooling Tower
Product Details

1. Product Description 

SHBN counter-flow closed cooling tower is a collection of  many years of experience in the design and manufacture of large-scale cooling tower, set the latest technology in the cooling tower industry at home and abroad as a whole; by using tower components with excellent performance, with its excellent quality, widely used in metallurgical, chemical, electric power, pharmaceutical and other industries in the circulating cold water system .

2. Operation principle

The basic operation principle of SHBN counter-flow closed cooling tower is as follows:

The hot medium passes through the inner part of the heat exchange coil and spreads the heat to the external air and spray water. After being cooled, it flows out from the lower coil outlet;

The cooling medium flows inside the coil pipe without any contact with the outside world, which can guarantee the clean state of the medium to meet the good working state of the system with strict requirements;

The external circulating water from the bottom of the equipment is sprayed to the outer surface of the coil by the special low-head large-flow pump through the upper water distribution system, ensuring full coverage, enhancing heat transfer and effectively controlling the possibility of scale formation;

The lower part of the unit is surrounded by an air inlet, and the fresh air from the outside enters the equipment. After the surface of the coil pipe, a part of sprinkled water is gasified. The latent heat of water gasification is very large, which can effectively exchange the heat inside the coil and eventually exhaust through the fan.


3. Technical Feature

 High efficiency heat transfer coil pipe

 High quality fan and energy saving fan stack

 The outdoor enclosed motor motor is free of refueling maintenance, high reliability and long running time

 The fan is driven by belt transmission with high transmission efficiency, stable driving performance and high reliability

 The bearing adopts the imported FYH/TIMKEN/NTN heavy-duty self-aligning ball bearing with high strength, excellent manufacturing and long life

 The belt adopts multi-channel neoprene and polyester high-efficiency joint belt, which features uniform force, long life, good synchronicity and convenient adjustment

 The belt pulley adopts corrosion-resistant materials to effectively improve its corrosion resistance

 The specially designed low-head, high-efficiency pump with large flow can maintain a small power consumption while ensuring sufficient amount of large sprinkling water, greatly improving the energy saving effect of the equipment

 High efficient sprinkling water system, under the premise of sufficient water quantity, can also guarantee the uniformity of sprinkling water and ultimately guarantee the heat transfer performance of the equipment

  High-efficiency and low-resistance sine-wave arc drift eliminator, which has high water collecting efficiency, small air resistance, high strength, no deformation, convenient installation and maintenance, long service life and good flame retardancy

 Honeycomb PVC air inlet grille has high corrosion resistance, long life, effective resistance to wind sand, water splashing and sunlight blocking, ensuring the cleaning of internal circulating water and reducing water treatment costs;And disassemble convenient, make maintain more quick and convenient

 Automatic make up water sensitive

 Strong corrosion and rust resistance

 Beautiful appearance, convenient maintenance and low operation cost

 Convenient installation and short Installation period








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