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    • steel structure hollow cooling tower
    • steel structure hollow cooling tower
Product Details

1. Product Description

Our company's NGZK steel structure counter-flow hollow cooling tower is our company technical personnel summarized many years of experience in the design and manufacture of cooling tower, through a large number of experimental research, this tower type which has been designed after the significant improvement of the existing tower type.

2. Technical Principle

This tower breaks through the traditional design idea of cooling tower, removes the original counter-flow cooling tower's filling part, and makes a significant improvement on the water distribution part, so that the circulating water can form sufficiently small water droplets in the water distribution and water sprinkling area, and the normal water and gas heat exchange can be conducted under the condition of no filling, thus achieving the purpose of circulating water cooling.

3. Product Feature 

The counter-flow hollow cooling tower of NGZK steel structure avoids the deterioration and damage of filling performance due to water quality, which is of great significance to the treatment of high temperature, high turbidity and easy scale formation of circulating water. It is also widely used in the treatment of circulating water at medium temperature

In order to increase the contact area between water and air as much as possible, the counter-current hollow cooling tower of NGZK steel structure adopts atomizing sprinkler head to make the droplet size of the water-sprinkling section less than 1mm, so as to achieve the purpose of heat exchange.

 The atomization of water droplets may lead to the increase of drift water .Therefore, the NGZK cooling tower adopts the stiffened arcs drift eliminator. Due to its stable performance, it can effectively control the floating water situation of the hollow tower, greatly affecting the surrounding environment, and at the same time extending the service life of the fan blade.

The anti-flow hollow cooling tower of NGZK steel structure removes the filling part, which greatly reduces the resistance of the whole tower. The fan's power consumption also decreases correspondingly. The total power consumption ratio of the tower decreases obviously and the economic benefit is remarkable.

NGZK steel structure counter-flow hollow cooling tower has a large diameter. Due to the technical requirements of spraying, the sprinkler head has 5-6 meters H2O pressure head. Therefore, it is not easy to clog the circulating water sprinkler head with high turbidity.

It is suitable for treating the circulating water with high temperature, turbidity and easy scale, which is of great significance for the improvement of cooling tower equipment.

4.  Water Distribution System

NGZK steel structure counter-flow hollow cooling tower adopts the pipe type automatic pressure stabilizing water distribution system spray, the pipe in the tower adopts steel band reinforced polyethylene pipe, and the water spray atomizing sprinkler nozzle adopts the opposite sprinkler nozzle.
The paired tangential water sprinkler nozzle is a new type of sprinkler nozzle used in cooling tower pipe water distribution system developed by our company.The arrangement form is composed of two tangential water atomizing sprinkler nozzles, connecting parts and locking device. The sprinkler nozzles are arranged in pairs, and the effluent forms a pair of jet. The arrangement form makes the water droplets of effluent small enough and uniformly distributed.

Tangent water atomization nozzle adopt ABS material, the nozzle in absorbing the old tangent inlet centrifugal nozzle, on the basis of successful technology for nozzle inner cavity of the shell type line is improved, and a diversion cone is added, to make into the nozzle flow movement more rules, the flow field is more reasonable, each point in the flow in the nozzle cavity flow velocity and dynamic pressure, static pressure have more designables, so as to achieve under the condition of low water pressure has good atomization effect, namely the purpose of small water droplets size.





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