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Product Details

1. Product Description

SHN(HS) concrete structure seawater cooling tower (170412G0400N) developed by our company is a concrete structure with sea water as the cooling medium and make-up water.The experience of designing and manufacturing large cooling tower is collected for many years, and the latest technology of cooling tower industry at home and abroad is integrated.Through the optimization of equipment components and the overall design, realized the tower internals non-metallic, streamlining the air flow field and low energy consumption operation, ultra-low floating water loss, and used the high quality mechanical ventilation equipment, so as to give the owner a beautiful appearance, reliable performance, all-weather operation, long life, low failure rate, low maintenance rate of the sea-water cooling tower has the domestic leading level.

2. Technical Feature

Compared with fresh water, the physical characteristics of seawater are different in the following aspects

★ Seawater and concentrated seawater have a higher density than fresh water and decreases with the increase of temperature.

★ The specific heat of seawater and the concentrated seawater is lower than that of fresh water. When the concentration ratio is less than 2, the specific heat of seawater does not change significantly with temperature. When the concentration ratio reaches 2, the specific heat of seawater increases with temperature.

★ The thermal conductivity of seawater and concentrated seawater is lower than that of fresh water,as the temperature increases, the thermal conductivity increases.

★ The viscosity and surface tension of seawater and concentrated seawater are lower than fresh water.

★ Seawater has a higher boiling point than fresh water, but a lower freezing point than fresh water,used in the north, sea water cooling towers are not easy to freeze.

3. Anti-corrosion description

Corrosion resistance is the first consideration in the design of SHN(HS) concrete cooling tower:

The most vulnerable to corrosion of seawater cooling tower is the metal parts in the cooling tower and cooling water system. Through the inspection and analysis of a large number of materials used in the seawater environment, we selected FRP, PVC, ABS,  316L and other anti-corrosion materials as profiles and parts after special anti-corrosion production process.

Seawater will also corrode the structural materials of the cooling tower, including reinforced concrete tower structure. In our design, the effects of steel corrosion,chemi- cal corrosion, crystallization pressure, action of Marine microorganisms and  temperature, etc. are fully taken into account to improve the service life of the SHN(HS) concrete seawater cooling tower.

The specific heat of sea water is lower than that of fresh water. With the increase of salinity, the specific heat of sea water decreases rapidly and the density increases  slowly, and its comprehensive heat storage capacity decreases.The reduction of steam pres- sure in seawater is directly proportional to its salt content. The higher the salt content in seawater, the more the steam pressure decreases, and the heat dissipation capacity also decreases.In the design, we will fully consider the impact of sea salt content, and carefully calculate the operating parameters, so as to guarantee the user's demand for cooling tower  cooling requirement.


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