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    • SHN Concrete Structure Cooling Bower
    • SHN Concrete Structure Cooling Bower
    • SHN Concrete Structure Cooling Bower
    • SHN Concrete Structure Cooling Bower
    • SHN Concrete Structure Cooling Bower
Product Details

1. The Production Description

SHN series concrete structure counter-flow mechanical-draft cooling tower (201702WJ001E), a high-tech product developed by our company, gathers years of experience in designing and manufacturing large cooling towers, and integrates the latest technologies in the cooling tower industry at home and abroad,by optimizing the equipment components and the whole design, non-metallization of the internal parts of the tower, streamlining of air flow field, low energy consumption, ultra-low water loss and high quality mechanical ventilation equipment were used,thus dedicated to the owners of a set of beautiful appearance, reliable performance, all-weather operation, long life, low failure rate, low maintenance rate of the leading domestic level of cooling towers.

2. Technical Feature

Using China Academy of Building Research‘s PKPM software  to do structural design, safe and reliable, stable solid

The process design adopts special software for cooling tower calculation optimization developed on the basis of a large number of experimental data and engineering practice, and is checked by American CTI software, so that the product can operate stably at the best working point and the thermal performance is reliable.





Professional process design software

The cooling tower adopts large-span concrete frame structure, and the overall structure has been optimized. On the premise of meeting the standard requirements, the beam and column section is small, which has a significant effect on reducing the wind resistance in the tower body and improving the cooling effect of the tower body.The cast-in-place reinforced concrete frame structure makes the structure itself have good overall stiffness, so that it can effectively resist the influence of vibration during operation and the earthquake action in the seismic zone.







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