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    • HB cross-flow cooling tower
    • HB cross-flow cooling tower
Product Details

1、 Product Description

HB energy-saving and low noise cross-flow cooling tower enclosed casing adopt FRP material, which not only ensures the strength of the tower body, but also reduces the weight of the tower body, and has a nice appearance.

HB  energy saving and low noise cross-flow cooling tower adopts rigid truss system in the structure, which not only has good overall stiffness, but also makes the structure bear more reasonable force, and can effectively bear the concentrated load, asymmetrical load, seismic force and strong wind load, so as to effectively reduce the cooling tower vibration.

2、 Technical Feature


HB  energy saving low noise cross-flow cooling tower has stable performance and high thermal efficiency, which fully meets the requirement of water cooling in industrial circulating water system.

 Fan Stack

The fan stack is moulded by moulding process. The inner and outer surface of the fan stack are aging resistant and UV resistant  gel-coat layers.


The matching fan adopts special axial flow fan for cooling tower. The fan blade has high efficiency, large flow rate and suitable wind pressure.

Efficient and low resistance optimization design

In the design, there is a certain margin for the value of the thermal characteristics of the filling, the air volume of the fan and the power of the motor used in the matching. The adaptive design can be carried out according to the actual situation on the site, which fully ensures the normal use of the product under adverse weather conditions and impact loads.


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