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1. Product Description

BNB2 energy-saving low-noise counter-flow cooling tower is a series of industrial type cooling tower with mature technology and reliable performance , which has been developed by our company many years of experience in designing and manufacturing cooling towers.It is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical ,electric power and pharmaceutical industrial circulating water systems.


2. Technical Feature

Tower Type

BNB2 energy-saving low-noise counter-flow cooling tower adopts all-steel structure, FRP enclosure, tower body maintenance ladder for normal maintenance and management of tower top equipment. The performance of the cooling tower is stable and reliable after long-term engineering practice. The application test shows that the performance of the tower is much better than the relevant national standards in terms of thermal and noise indexes.


The tower uses modified P.V.C film filling specially for circular tower. Its physical and chemical performance index conforms to DL/T 742-2001 "Technical Regulations for Plastic Sprinkler Packing for Cooling Tower". Film filler has the characteristics of large specific surface area, good thermal and resistance comprehensive performance. Filler sheet is made of high quality sheet. The sheet has the characteristics of good hydrophilic and oil-repellent performance, large heat dissipation coefficient and temperature difference.

In this project, the main stressed parts, water distribution pipes and maintence ladders inside the tower are carbon steel profiles. In order to guarantee the quality, all steel components out of factory must be treated with hot-dip galvanization and anti-corrosion measures. Under normal operation conditions of steel components after anti-corrosion treatment, the service life shall not be less than 15 years.
In order to avoid damage to the anti-corrosion layer of steel parts during the construction process, our company will first carry out the test installation after its processing, and then carry out anti-corrosion treatment on carbon steel members after the test installation is qualified.

Efficient and low resistance optimization design
BNB2 energy-saving low noise counter-flow cooling tower is our company on the same type and scale of cooling tower supply design and manufacturing experience seriously summarized and improved. With the continuous improvement of the tower components, the air inlet resistance of the tower is greatly reduced, the flow field of air and water in the heat exchange section is more reasonable, the gas-water heat transfer is more sufficient, and the cooling efficiency of the tower is also improved to a certain extent, so that it can be suitable for users with higher requirements.
In the design, there is a certain margin for the value of the thermal characteristics of the filling, the air volume of the fan and the power of the motor used in the matching. The adaptive design can be carried out according to the actual situation on the site, which fully ensures the normal use of the product under adverse weather conditions and impact loads.




填水材料 设备出厂前预组装

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