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Filling is the key component of heat exchange in cooling tower. 70% of cooling water is dissipated by filling. Its function is to maintain the sprinkled water point or water flow to form water film to increase the water-gas contact area and time, enhance the evaporation and heat dissipation of water, and make the water temperature drop rapidly. It requires large filling area, good hydrophilicity, little air resistance and light weight. It is divided into drip type, thin film type and drip film type according to type.

Our company's PVC trapezoidal wave film filling flat sheet is produced by roller flat sheet machine, thus strictly controlling the quality of production, its physical and chemical properties in line with DL / T 742-2001 "cooling tower plastic spray filling technical regulations". The filling sheet is molded by the most advanced vacuum suction molding technology in China. Compared with the conventional molding process, the filling has uniform thickness and no holes, and has the characteristics of large specific surface area, good thermal and resistance properties. The filling sheet is made of high quality PVC material. Its molecular group has strong hydrophilic and oil-thinning properties, large heat dissipation coefficient and temperature difference. The filling is bonded to block and the bearing strength is greater than or equal to 300kg/m2. Under normal service conditions, the service life can be more than 15 years.


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