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The hot and humid air discharged from the upper part of the cooling tower often contains some water droplets, one part of which is water vapor mixed in the air and can not be separated by mechanical method; the other part is foggy droplets with the air flow, which can be separated and recovered by drift eliminator to minimize water loss and improve the surrounding environment. Meanwhile, it is easy to drain hot air outside the tower.

In the small cooling tower, the plastic slant wave plate is used as the drift eliminator, while the large and medium cooling towers mostly use the unit module drift eliminator composed of arcs dewatering sheet. The representative drift eliminator is the arcs drift eliminator made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and the reinforced arc drift eliminator made of PVC extrusion and drawing.

Our company introduced advanced technology at home and abroad, will add the imported modifier of modified PVC material extrusion and drawing molding, greatly improved sheet anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging and mechanical properties, its ANTI-HUMID and thermal aging performance is better than glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, longer service life. The sheets are joined by special socket connectors made of PVC, which have good service strength and overall rigidity. The normal service life can be more than 15 years.

After years of practice, our company has developed and manufactured PVC high-efficiency and low-resistance reinforced sine-wave arc drift eliminator. The working principle of the arc drift eliminator is based on the principle of inertial separation. When the small droplets in the tower air flow rise and impact to the drift eliminator, the droplets are separated from the air flow under the dual effects of inertial force and gravity. And then recycle. Compared with the conventional drift eliminator, the water collecting efficiency is improved by one order of magnitude with the circulating water quantity, and the loss of drifting water can reach less than one-thousandth of that, reaching the advanced level at home and abroad. The utility model has the advantages of high water collecting efficiency, low ventilation resistance, high strength, no deformation, easy installation and maintenance, economical and durable, and good flame retardancy.

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