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The main function of the fan stack is to ensure the normal operation of the fan, recover the loss of kinetic energy from the outlet of fan, and guide the air to a high place to reduce or eliminate the short circuit phenomenon of hot air returning to the air inlet of the tower. The material of the fan stack is mostly FRP.

The technological performance of the fan stack is mainly reflected by two parameters: one is the kinetic energy recovery rate of the fan stack, and the other is the gap between the fan stack and the fan blade. The clearance between fan blade and barrel directly affects the efficiency of fan. The clearance between the end of fan blade and barrel should not exceed 30mm. The kinetic energy recovery of the fan is mainly related to the shape of the fan stack, which is a diffuser for the outlet air flow of the fan. Only when the fluid in the diffuser is not separated from the fan stack can the kinetic energy be recovered. In order to improve the efficiency of kinetic energy recovery of the fan stack, the shape of the fan stack should be curved.

Our company's fan stack products are water-resistant, high-temperature resins, the surface of anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation excellent performance of rubber coat resin, FRP products surface uniform, uniform color, long-term use of non-fading cracking. Its physical and chemical performance indexes are up to or exceed the requirements of GB 7190.1-2008, and its service life can reach more than 20 years. The fan stack adopts trapezoidal large end face hollow reinforcement, and stainless steel parts are used to connect and fasten the fan stack. The normal service life of the fan stack can reach more than 20 years. It has the following technical characteristics.

- High efficiency and energy saving

- Low resistance

- High strength and reinforced design

- Convenient maintenance 

- Long service life

- Resistance, UV resistance

- The fan blade gap is small and the use efficiency is high.

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